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About Us

Nationwide is North America's fastest growing and most comprehensive bingo hall locator on the internet today. The team at Nationwide Bingo works year round to continuously keep you up to date with all the new bingo halls we find on an almost daily basis. Currently we boast a list of over 10,000 bingo halls in our directory, adding information to our site about those halls everyday. Nationwide Bingo keeps a close relationship with participating bingo halls to provide regular updates on our site about current Jackpots, Game Programs, and any special events being held at the hall. These updates are then passed on to visitors using our free web based bingo directory.

Our Mission

As the popularity of Bingo grows in the country, the number of new bingo halls sprouting up in the country is non-stop. Until now, if you heard about a new bingo hall, it was because a friend told you about it, or you got lucky enough to find it in a local bingo newspaper. For bingo hall owners, this is inefficient and could be costly! Our mission at Nationwide Bingo is to use the internet as a tool to bring bingo players and these halls together, and into the homes of MILLIONS.

Our Website

Visitors can use our Search Tool available right on our home page, or if they prefer they can
Browse our Entire Directory to find bingo halls all across the nation.

If you work at a bingo hall, we encourage you to check out the Membership Brochure on our website to see how we can help in publishing your bingo hall on this site.

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